Life Drawing



Before I came to CSM, I had never done gesture drawings of the figure. I’m struggling with it a bit in Vanessa’s class. My drawing teacher (who I started learning from at the age of 13) always drilled it into me that people aren’t made from unseen shapes or sausages, but by drawing the internal lines and details and letting them form the figure. It’s a very fine art approach to capturing the body, and it’s what I’m used to. The whole idea of forgoing detail and breaking down the body into a series of shapes to portray the action is completely new to me, but I’m so determined to get better at it! I’m really enjoying the challenge of learning a new skill, and the short length of the poses literally has me breaking a sweat to get it down on the page.

It’s already becoming blatant to me how useful gesture drawings are for animation; I’m noticing different things about the people I pass. On the tube as well as looking at the way clothes drape and fold on those around me (thank you textiles) I find myself looking at the slump of shoulders, the overall silhouette of the person and the way people hold their hands. I’ve started doing this thing were I blur the my eyes while looking at someone and seeing if I can tell their personality just from their coloured blob of a silhouette. I’ve missed the past few classes of Vanessa’s, but I can’t wait to get back and furiously try to capture the feel of the person in front of me.


img_3216 img_3217Maryclare’s classes have been more in a similar vein to what I am used to. Some longer poses, focusing on certain details, and measuring the body parts in relation to each other. I’m still learning loads though, we’ve been concentrating on how the body unfolds and the various stages encompassed in movements; facial or body. It’s been fascinating getting a glimpse at all the inbetween parts of an expression or action, the process the body goes through to get from one state to the next.

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This week our model also came out in different costumes, and we had to insert little doodles to interact with them. Fabric is by far my favourite thing to draw; while studying textiles whenever we did life drawing we let the body form by drawing the way the clothes hugged and draped around it. People are so much more interesting when they’re being followed around by waves of cloth.

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