Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Recently I went to see the Wildlife photographer of the Year awards in the National History Museum. As I’ve started doing while at any form of exhibition, I took snapshots of the pictures I felt most drawn to, and tried to figure out what it was about the subject matter that interested me the most. I’ve attached the two photos below.

Both photographs focus on the natural world and the manmade world colliding. An earbud is not intended to be in the sea, while in the bird photo nature is reclaiming a manmade space. I think what it is I find interesting is things out of their presumed or preconceived context. I think this is a notion I would like to explore further in my graduate film, placing something every day in a completely different environment and seeing where that leads, or equally placing something ridiculous in an everyday environment and see how that plays out.

I know the notions and ideas I’m talking about are extremely simplistic and the basis for a lot of stories and narratives, but for the past few months I’ve been really trying to find the bare bones of what it is I’m naturally interested in, and therefore what kind of film I would enjoy making for the final months. Naturally from my BA practice I have very set ideals of what kind of issues I enjoy addressing, but I feel the graduate film gives scope to be extremely self-indulgent and pander to all those little purely aesthetic things I want to try play with, and incorporate into my animations. While a lot of the time I struggle to analyse my own work (at least without an obvious sense of bias), I find I come more quickly to conclusions about what it is I want to make by examining what others have made first.

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year runs until May 28th 2018, more details here.

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