Blue Giant

For the past few days I have been working on remaking Blue Giant, our main puppet within the film. Sacha’s design is beautiful, but the puppet made for the style frames have needed some editing to make them more functional for animation. I’ve had a lot of fun stitching him up and making him a bit more sturdy! He started off without hands or feet so I started there.

 initial hand structure

process and attachment 

For the feet I had to wrap large amounts of thick wire to support the puppet’s height, and so they would properly clamp to the magnets while animating. The wire within his legs was also too malleable to properly support the body, so I had to open up the legs and reenforce them with much heavier pieces of wire.

The Breadwinner

Myself and Inês went to see Cartoon Saloon’s new feature film The Breadwinner as part of the BFI London Film Festival last Sunday.

Images found here

The whole film was painstakingly beautiful from start to finish, and I of course was particularly enamoured with the internal story sequence, which was shot in the style of cut paper animation. I was disappointed to learn that this was actually digitally done to replicate the aesthetic of paper (obviously the images had been digitally retouched but I was kind of hoping the did the actual animation with physical paper), BUT the animators did work with a paper artist to achieve the right effects.

still from the paper story world of The Breadwinner found here

It’s like everything I love having a little baby together and hopefully if similar projects pop up in the future I could utilise my paper crafting skills alongside my animation skills. It was really inspiring to see something that encompassed everything I enjoy doing on a film screen. Go see the film if you get a chance it was so so gorgeous and heartbreaking and lovely.

Edit: Watch the video on the making of The Breadwinner on the official Facebook page here.


I went to the Photomasters Exhibition in the Old Truman Brewery last night. I found myself drawn in particular to the work of Lorenza Demata, who is completing her MA in LCC. According to her artist statement, her work deals with:

“ …notions of identity, distance and displacement in the migration context of London”.

“It is estimated that expatriates constitute approximately 40% of London population. At the same time, almost 50% of the total consumption of food resources in the UK relies on the importation of fruits and vegetables from other countries” 

What drew me to the photographs (aside from the obviously striking block colours) is the notion of a portrait being faceless. This idea is something I dealt with a lot within my BA practice, and I think greatly enhanced my desire to study the MA specifically dealing with characters. What you can tell from a person’s clothing or the objects surrounding them to me is more interesting than straight ahead portraits.

This notion of clothing containing a character within itself is at the moment the only thing I know I definitely want to address in my graduation film. I want to examine who you become in different clothing, and how much of you can be defined by what you cover yourself with. I also want to deal with the life clothing takes on outside of a body. This seems like a natural extension of the thoughts I was dealing with back in Dublin in my textile degree, and I’m excited to see how they progress with my newfound animation skills, while at the same time a little confused as to where this is going to lead. But I do always find it reassuring when I’m drawn to work that I feel echoes these notions, even if it wasn’t the artists intent. This is a story I want to explore, and it is relaxing to know that I can see echoes of that in other’s work I gravitate towards.

Check out more of Lorenza’s beautiful work here.

Bead Shopping

Today before we had our meeting at ENO, our team went bead shopping. We spent a fun few hours deliberating over the beads, in terms of their colour scheme as whole and also for their potential visually on the scanner for the box interior shots we plan to do! 

We also wandered up to Berwick street, where I have spent a lot of my time previously sourcing fabrics for Textiles, and is one of my favourite streets in London. We got a large cut of some durable, good quality black felt for the backdrop so hopefully we can start embellishing that soon!