For next year I have 100% learnt how important time management is. I feel like with this project I let myself take my time with the paper side of things, and then was rushed to try and get all the frame by frame work done in time. I had a loose schedule planned out from the start, but once I went over on my paper schedule that all went a bit out the window. I think also deciding that my characters jumper and hair had to be coloured in individually frame by frame with the pencil tool did not help, but I am pretty happy with the movement and texture his tiny body manages to hold!

All in all I feel like this whole experience has made me entirely more aware of how much pre-planning I need to do for next year. Knowing my physical limitations in terms of space and equipment available before building/cutting would be a huge one! Also have each shot figured out to the very nitty gritty and having a daily schedule rather than a loose weekly one I had would be extremely beneficial, especially for next years longer film project. But overall I am surprised at how much I have enjoyed the process; regardless of the sometimes unavoidable stressing in general I’ve had a blast this whole year. I am really excited to keep up with some personal doodles and projects over the summer which I shall post up here as I go! But for a bit I think we all need a definite break and maybe some wine.

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