Wildlife Drawing

I was lucky enough to attend an owl drawing class on Monday night. It was a well needed mental-rest from constantly thinking about the film and current workload! The class was part of Wildlife Drawing  and it was my second time attending one of Jennie’s classes.

Drawing animals so up close and personal is always super fun but also a lot more difficult then drawing a life model who is posing. I definitely found my ability to get down little sketches of the owl’s poses quickly has improved since the class I attended back in September (which was on ‘exotic mammals’ and featured a coati, skunks and a ground squirrel). I think the quick nature of our life drawing classes have made me feel a lot more confident in quickly making marks and coming back to build on the images. I am definitely going back to as many of Jennie’s classes as possible, I had a blast.

Chester was my favourite owl to draw, he was still a baby so basically just a big ball of fluff. It was fun trying to mimic that texture with a pencil.

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