Trying to get all my paper work asap so I can move on to the tvpaint character! At this rate I am hoping to get all my paper cuts filmed and finished for the rough cut crit so I have something solid to show the Children’s Society.

For different shots I’ve had to play with the lighting, some cuts have larger amounts of negative space, so allow more light from the lightbox to get through;  I have to constantly tweak and take notes on keeping the shots as similarly lit & toned as possible.

My space which Steve very nicely set up for me! I’ve been really enjoying working with paper and in stop motion again, it’s very immediate and rewarding as opposed to the labour intensive frame by frame drawing. I still am a bit in love with both though!

My cityscape paper cut, which was just larger than an A4 page and below the remnants of it after shooting.

Lots more to do!

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