Paper Problems

I feel like I’ve been having a steep learning curve on what not to do while making a short film. Which I guess is a good thing as next year hopefully I won’t fall into the same pitfalls!

My initial plan was to cut and build everything I needed out of paper and then to shoot everything  all together. My first mistake was not setting up the space with Steve before I had completed everything. I got lucky with most of my paper cuts being smaller, but I had spent quite a while on the ‘shared house’ scene’s paper cut, only to find it was waaaay too big to shoot on top of the lightbox. Shooting it anywhere else wasn’t really an option as I wanted to keep the backgrounds of the film as similarly lit as possible, so I had to re-cut the house in a much smaller scale.


the original paper cut with wacom pen for size, and the off cuts showing the size difference between it and the end used cut 

I spent double the time I wanted to on this cut, so I am now feeling a bit behind. But definitely following a steep learning curve on what works and doesn’t work!


Trying to get all my paper work asap so I can move on to the tvpaint character! At this rate I am hoping to get all my paper cuts filmed and finished for the rough cut crit so I have something solid to show the Children’s Society.

For different shots I’ve had to play with the lighting, some cuts have larger amounts of negative space, so allow more light from the lightbox to get through;  I have to constantly tweak and take notes on keeping the shots as similarly lit & toned as possible.

My space which Steve very nicely set up for me! I’ve been really enjoying working with paper and in stop motion again, it’s very immediate and rewarding as opposed to the labour intensive frame by frame drawing. I still am a bit in love with both though!

My cityscape paper cut, which was just larger than an A4 page and below the remnants of it after shooting.

Lots more to do!

The Children’s Society

We had our animatic pitch this week to The Children’s Society. It went well, both Lucy & David were really encouraging. David noted that the letter blocks made him think of toddlers and it would probably be more effective if the letters were simply letters. So I’ve made that change, even though of course I had spent the past two days stitching letter blocks together. Oops! It’s definitely my own fault for jumping ahead of the client like that, lesson learnt!

I started trying to make the letters 3D through scouring and folding but I think the result was too messy & unpolished. Back to the drawing board on this one, I’m going to whip up some samples tomorrow, trying both layering 2D cuts to make 3D, and just seeing how the shots could work if the letters were 2D.

they’re definitely too glue-y and uneven and meh

I spent today building little wonky paper cities for the shot were the boy is lifted between cities. I’m embracing all the little wobbly bits my hands create rather than trying to get all the lines perfect, I think hand cut paper is more interesting than something that could have been laser cut. So expect lots of wonky windows!

I want to get all my paper things built and cut by Thursday so I can start shooting them this weekend and hopefully move on to TVpaint and drawing in my character. Lots to do but I’m chuffed to get to play with my scalpel for a while, I’ve missed making.