I moved here on the 17th of September so it’s all still a bit new. People seem nice and my flatmates aren’t insane. I studied Textile Art & Artefact in NCAD for four years, and somehow ended up making my work move so now I’m here. Central Saint Martins seems vast; I’m a bit overwhelmed by the amount of facilities available and wondering if the textile people will let me on a loom in the evenings.

My work has always dealt with the narratives bodies carry around with them. Even just with this notion it seems obvious that animation was the way to go, but I’m happy I got to explore other pathways and arrived here organically.

I’m not sure if this blog can host gifs yet, because it like everything else is new, so here’s a still from one of my favourite bits of animation with a link to the piece.



I’ve been trying to find out who made this for ages with no luck. I know it’s made by painting frame by frame onto glass and I could watch it for hours.

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